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Save A Few Keystrokes with Yahoo! Shortcuts

December 20th, 2005

Ever heard of Yahoo! Open Shortcuts? It sounds new to me. Just came across a post regarding this tool in Yahoo! Search Blog. Basically, it's some shortcuts that bring you where you want to go faster by saving a few key presses on your keyboard.

For instance, to search for items in amazon.com, you can type "!amazon the-book-name" (without the double quotes) to search for a specific book through Yahoo! Search. I was returned with an amazon.com page with a list of related books after I submitted that.

The shortcut I've just used is one of the ready-made shortcut by Yahoo!. If you can't find a shortcut that you need, you can custom build yourself (You will need a Yahoo! login). I would say it’s definitely a good tool for Yahoo! Search users.

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