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2005 Year-end Google Zeitgeist

December 21st, 2005

Check out the trends, the happenings and the populars in the year 2005. And, make your prediction for year 2006!

(via Google Blog)

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2 Responses

toydi says:

My first guess was the ‘sex’ word would be on top in Google Top Gainers.

Hmm.. but I think since it states as “Google.com – Top Gainers of 2005”, maybe they decided to exclude all the “permanent top winners” from the list of search? 😛

EngLee says:

Yes, the stat is supposed to be on searches in year 2005, rather than all searches up to year 2005. 🙂

Err.. I think that “sex” might not be the top, only those sexy celebrities! 😉