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Transferred Expired Domain Name from Yahoo! to GoDaddy

October 31st, 2008

Because Yahoo! charging so high for domain names, I tried to transfer it to GoDaddy, after I received Account Suspension Warning from Yahoo!. I waited for 5 days and finally received an notification from GoDaddy telling that the transfer is successful! Please refer to this guide at GoDaddy if you need to do the same.

During the process, I learned that Yahoo! Small Business support is simply stupid, or they are just machines that only know how copy and paste information from their help pages.

I have done all the steps required and the status at GoDaddy was to wait for final confirmation from Yahoo, so that it can be transferred. Here are our email conversation, if you are interested:


I'm planning to transfer my domain (<a domain name>) at Yahoo to
Godaddy. I followed exactly the instruction at http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/domains/authcode/authcode-04.html

In the last step, it mentioned that "Once your transfer is complete,
we'll send you an email confirming the transfer". However, I'm not
receiving any email after so many days.


Hello Englee,

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Small Business Support.

As per your Whois information, the admin email id used is:
engleeteh@gmail.com .You must receive any communication from go Daddy in
this email id.

http://whois.domaintools.com/<a domain name>

If you wish to change this email id then, if you are planning to update
your domain name's contact information can only be done through your
domain name registrar.

If you registered your domain name using Yahoo! Domains, the personal
information you provided in your order was used to register your domain
name. As required by ICANN, the Internet governance organization, this
information is publicly available via Whois database interfaces.

You can edit the Whois contact information associated with your domain
name by accessing your Domain Control Panel and clicking the
"Registration Information" link.

1. Log into your Yahoo! Domains account with your Yahoo! ID and password
by clicking on the "Sign In" link at the top of the page:


2. Click the "My Services" tab, then click on the Domain Control Panel
for the account you wish to edit.

3. Click the "View/Edit Your Domain Registration" link.

4. Click the "Edit button". Edit the fields for Domain Registrant and
Administrative Contact as necessary.

5. Click "Update".

Changes to your WHOIS record may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Please note: If you registered your domain name through Yahoo! Domains
before January 22, 2001, your domain name registrar is Network
Solutions. You can update your contact information by going to the
Network Solutions web site.

Please do not hesitate to reply if you need further assistance.



My question has nothing to do with admin email. I have access to that
admin email account and I have followed the instructions and completed
the transfer request. In the last part of the transfer, is the final
confirmation from your side.

I have waited for days but I haven't receive any confirmation of
transfer from Yahoo!.

Please let me know what else I can do.



Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Small Business Support.
I have read your email and understand your concern.
To initiate the transfer process please provide the authorization code
to your new register.
To retrieve authorization code:

1. Log in to Yahoo! Small Business account with Yahoo! ID and password


2. Click on the Domain Control Panel for the account you wish to edit.

3. Click the "View Your Authorization Code" button to get your
authorization code.

Please retrieve the authorization code for all your domains.
Once you have retrieved your authorization you will have to cancel your
plan with Yahoo!.
Please note that if you decide to cancel your service:

* The service is non-refundable.
* All Files & Emails will be deleted from the Yahoo! network.

To cancel your Yahoo! Web Hosting account:-
1. Log into your account with your Yahoo! ID and Password at:
2. Click the button "Small Business", next to "Manage your services", at
the top of the page.
3. Click the link "Cancel Plan" next to the plan you want to cancel.
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

When the cancellation is complete you will receive a cancellation
complete message.
After you have cancelled the plan please reply to this email with a
request to release the domain from the Yahoo! reseller list. After we
receive your request we will release the domain to our registrar
Melbourne IT.
Once the domains are released from the Yahoo! Reseller list your
transfer of the domains to Godaddy can be completed. Please provide the
authorization codes of the domains to Godaddy.

Please do not hesitate to reply if you need further assistance.


What do you think about their support?

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4 Responses

Jordan Garn says:


I’m having the same problem!

Did it work properly after 5 days though? I’m kind of glad to switch from Yahoo after terrible customer support like this.

Jordan Garn

EngLee says:

Yes. Things are working now. Maybe we shouldn’t go for USD2.99 per domain in the first place! 🙂

Seamus Siddeley says:

Hi, Eng Lee.
I cancelled my plan before transfering the domain to GoDaddy. Because I cancelled I can’t access my Small Business acount, even Yahoo Customer Care. 5 days passed but domain is still on Yahoo and not active. What is the email address of Yahoo Customer Care?

EngLee says:

Follow this link: Yahoo! Contact Us page.