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Add Google Analytics To Blog

November 17th, 2005

Google announced their new service, Google Analytics when I was away for the weekend. I suppose this is a replacement for Urchin (a paid website traffic analysis tool) since urchin.com is now forwarded to Google Analytics. I’m so busy that I don’t have time to add it to my blog until today.

The process of adding the service to my blog was very simple. I don’t have to do any new registration. My Gmail account can be used directly by just logging in. After logging in, I’ll have to provide some details about my blog before they show me a copy-and-paste code. The code looks much simpler if it is compared to other such codes.

I added the code to the footer.php of my blog. I also add some php code, the same way I did for my Adsense, to avoid the script to track my own visits. Now, I’ll have to wait till the statistic is out before I can say further about it.

Did I say that it's free? It is.

UPDATE: I just noticed that the code must be pasted in the header (<HEAD>) tag, instead of what I suggested. I'm not very sure if that will make any differences. I'll check it out tonight.

UPDATE: I managed to get correct statistics even I put the code in footer, instead of header as Google suggested. However, it takes a very long time to update the statistics. The statistics took approximately 2 days to be displayed and this is very bad.

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13 Responses

worldangel says:

Google does have something for everything 🙂

Elliot Swan says:

I’m wondering what Google’s going to do with all this data…

EngLee says:


Google still don’t have something for everything yet but I strongly believe that it will happen in near future.

Elliot Swan,

I think they will respect our privacy. Maybe I should check the terms.

Hopefully it’s not something that would harm us. 😉

Aarohi Johal says:

Better than statcounter from the looks of it.

I’d sure like to meet this Google-mad-scientist guy.. 😛

EngLee says:

From the look, it should be better than Statcounter. However, I’ve installed it this morning but I haven’t see any statistics yet! Is it possible that it will take some time to really generate the report? Or will it work like Statcounter where the report is updated instantly? I still wondering.

Elliot Swan says:

As far as when you get your first stats, it’s pretty random…People have waited days before getting anything.

EngLee says:

Why batch processing? I don’t understand. Do they need to verify each traffic? This is not Adsense! 😉

Aarohi Johal says:

Its been 3 hours and my statcounter account shows 21 unique visitors, where analytics is still stuck on 1 pageload.

They’ll do something about it surely.

I think they want to take over and rename the internet to googlenet. 😛

EngLee says:

Frankly, I don’t hope Googlenet to happen. Although they introduce lots of excitements to the world of internet, but it’s never good to have one party dominates the whole market.

Hope that I’ll see some stats when I wake up later. Off to bed now.

Leo Kent says:

I signed up for it on Monday and I must say I am not very impressed with it so far. It giving completely different reports to statcounter and is really slow to update. I think I will stick with statcounter for now and fork out for Mint next year!

EngLee says:

As soon as the announcement of Google Analytics, my first thought was “How are Statcounter and Mint going to survive?”. I think it has been answered now. They will survive.

Elliot Swan says:

I have Mint, and I finally got some stats for Analytics today. Nice for in-depth stats, but for your day-to-day stuff Mint definitely wins.

Plus the fact that Mint doesn’t show the internet’s stats to Google. 😉

Google knows way too much…

Neil Patel says:

It is a good idea for Google to give it away for free, but the main problem is that it is always down. If they do not solve the down time issue a lot of people will stop using Google Analytics.