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Google Analytics: Avoid Getting Hacked

April 12th, 2006

Are you using Google Analytics? Terrill found out that your competitors can easily hack your Google Analytics statistics by simply adding your tracking code to their site.

So, looking from the other side, this can be a "good" thing if you have a foe. You can simply find their tracking code in their source code and add them to some of your sites to sabotage their statistics. Be sure you make it looks like you did it accidentally!

So, how do we avoid it?

Add "include filter" to your Analytics!

Go to your Profile settings, click on "+Add filter" (top right corner of the filter table). Add a filter with the following configurations:

  • Filter name: Main
  • Filter type: Custom filter > Include
  • Filter field: Request URI
  • Filter pattern: blog.enrii.com (your blog URI)
  • Case sensitive: No

Note: If you are not using subdomain for your blog, be sure you use filters like "enrii.com" rather than "www.enrii.com".

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One Response

Oliver Zheng says:

Nice tip! I’ll definitely put on this filter.