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Google Analytics Not Showing Stats Correctly

February 1st, 2008

I did not check my Google Analytics statistics for a long time. I find some weird problems when I check it recently. It shows very little pageviews -- less than 5 a day, but I'm getting hundreds of pageviews a day in my Statcounter stats.

When I look in the content section, the whole list is filled with Google search cached pages. I don't see any normal pageloads. All the URLs listed look like something similar to this:


Why Google Analytics is not showing stats correctly? What have I do wrong?

When I last checked months ago, the stats was shown properly. I'll just replace the tracking code with the newer version and check if it's OK tomorrow.

Let me know if you know what would cause that.

Update: The tracking code update did not work at all. As I read through the help page, it suggests that improper filter will cause data not properly loaded. Since there's only one "Main" default filter, I'll just remove it from the filter settings. Is there a default filter? Or is it something I added long time ago? Anyhow, I shall see if removing it will work.

Update: Removing the filter works! If you encounter something like I did, consider checking your filters.

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