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Run WordPress in USB Thumbdrive

March 7th, 2006

Lifehacker recently talked about an article on installing WordPress in pendrives. I find it interesting when I read:

Because you might want to take a fully working install into several places to demonstrate the program.
Because you want to work on your blog theme while at the office.
and probably a whole lot more.
It is very easy to do.

Since I'm currently working on my WordPress theme, life is much easier if I can do it anywhere in any PC. I suppose it would be much more useful for those who develop lots of themes or plugins.

Putting WordPress on a USB stick

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6 Responses

gbyeow says:

I’ve actually tried this one out and its a bit problematic if you have another server running (e.g. IIS on Windows) due to port conflicts and stuff. Will put up my own thoughts on this after I’ve taken it for a spin or two.

EngLee says:

I am sure you can configure the apache in thumbdrive to use other port. And, why would you need it if you already have another server running? 😉

gbyeow says:

Lol. Ya, you can configure it to run with other port. The difficult part is discovering that port conflict was your problem in the first place. Well, like you say, its for the sake of portability. Also because I eat too full and nothing to do.

korokmu says:

I’ve tried this and installed postnuke and it worked well. But when it came to wordpress,I stucked at the second step. Therefore, I didn’t get the password for admin. Could you help me?

EngLee says:

Sure. I’ve mailed you on the details.

Basically, you can change a new password by using phpMyAdmin. A detailed guide is available at:

Resetting Your Password

battery says:

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