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Working on New Blog Template

March 4th, 2006

You might aware that I'm not updating my blog frequently now. I'm currently busy working on a new theme, for the very first time. Hope I can get it finished in these 2 days. Please don't expect too much. It's only a plain text template without much graphics works.

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6 Responses

dragoncity says:

don’t put too much graphic..it make the site to loaded slow..ping me when ur new template is up.. ^_^

Elliot Swan says:

Cool, very interested to see this. 🙂 I’ve wondered why you haven’t been posting as much..

Leo Kent says:

Thats great, I look foward to seeing it!

EngLee says:

Hey.. as I said don’t expect too much!

Just finished converted to html codes. Adding template codes now.

gbyeow says:

Oi! Faster la. You know I relying on your updates leh 😉

EngLee says:

I will try. But please understand that this is my first time! 🙂