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A Whole New Blog

September 15th, 2005

After spending months in blogging, I found myself began to write everything I learn in my blog with a number of posts a week. All the while, I was blogging with blogger. They are providing a very good place to blog. However, being a free service, they will never allow you to upload your files or do server-side scripting. I knew I need to get myself a blogging script. A number of very positive feedbacks from wordpress users has brought me to create this blog.

In spite of the fact that customizing the script is fun, it actually took hours for me to find a good template. I know there is still a lot more for me to further customize wordpress. I'm still learning more about wordpress now. I'll be grateful if any of the experienced wordpress users would provide me with some guide to wordpress plugins or maybe some quick tweaks. Hope I'll have a great blogging time with my new blog.

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9 Responses

Edrei says:

Well if you ever need a hand with WordPress. Feel free to ask us WordPress junkies. I can give a pretty heavy hand on whatever you need to know and the lowdown of what you might need. In our department…the worst questions are the ones unasked. 🙂

Welcome to WordPress. 🙂

Oliver Zheng says:

I think there is a way to import blogger posts to WordPress. Google around.

Nice blog – power to the press 🙂

EngLee says:


Thanks for the offer. I’ll definitely ask you if I need any help on wordpress!


Yes, all those posts can be moved to WordPress. But, I prefer to start a fresh new one! 🙂

Danny Foo says:

Nooo… WordPress widespread.. 😛

Anyway, happy digesting the PHP in you.


EngLee says:


Thanks for dropping by, Danny.

toydi says:

cool, enjoy your blogging time.. haha.

i wish to have a blog too (now? nah.. no time), maybe soon after i settle my thesis.

EngLee says:

Just get yourself one and you’ll catch yourself writing like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂

Leo Kent says:

I like the new design of your blog very much and I think it looks a lot better now it is not hosted on blogger.

Keep It Up!

EngLee says:

Yes, there’s just too much restriction on customizing blogger. And I’m happy with WordPress now! 🙂