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Did Twitter Spam Your Mobile Phone?

July 2nd, 2008

Yesterday I received an sms from Unidentified Sender, with the following content:

Keep your friends up to date on what you are doing with Twitter, the micro-blogging site, now on your mobile! Normal data rates apply.


The message certainly looks like it really came from twitter.

I have been using twitter for a while, still trying on it. I find that the service is not reliable enough, sometimes slow, sometimes down.

Are they spamming text messages to all mobile numbers in the world? I don't receive much sms like this from US. Is everybody receiving it?

If any of you are using twitter, please let me know.

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2 Responses

Rice Blogger says:

i did receive spam first time trying out the mobile system …and trying to follow some people..haha…midnight i get sms…now i am not following anyone..other then allowing me to post from mobile phone.

but i did not get this msg…

EngLee says:

You are lucky. I wonder whether we get charged for posting or receiving updates in mobile?