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AdGenta Addressed IP Filtering Issue

October 28th, 2005

This morning I received a comment on my old post on AdGenta and Qumana. Arieanna from Qumana came to explain the IP filtering issue where many parts of the world are not able to see AdGenta ads.

The comment:

Lots of commentary here on what we’re doing. Thanks!

I’ll address a few things just for clarification.
- The IP filtering is not intentional on our part, but through our ad supplier. Our beta testing didn’t identify it, so we missed it unfortunately.
- We are working to remove all IP filtering (it’s horrible!!)
- You do need a real email to sign up. Otherwise, how would we know who you are and how to pay you?
- Our stats page is not quite done. Everything will be fully revealed at the end of November, when real time stats will also be in place.

And thanks to anyone who tries the program. Feel free to ping me with any questions.

So, I attempt to take a look at Qumana blog to check if I'm able to see AdGenta ads. Yes, I'm able to view those ads now (the ads were broken images when I last viewed them). How about you in other part of the world?

I'm going to try it if the problem has been resolved.

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3 Responses

cosa says:

i’m able to see it too now. Might consider trying adgenta (again) soon.

Arieanna says:

Thanks for checking again. We’re not sure if we’ve kicked the problem completely, so do let us know if you have problems, and where you are, so we can keep fixing things up. We really want to be a good alternative for everyone 🙂

EngLee says:


Yea, should try it.


We’ll be glad to try on alternatives as well. We won’t put all eggs in the same basket! 😉

Btw, I found some naming differences in Adgenta.com. Should the “G” in “Adgenta” be capitalized? I see “Who’s behind Adgenta?” and “What is AdGenta?”. (Just curious)