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Google Reader Bug?

October 31st, 2005

I have been on Google Reader for a couple of weeks. I find that it is a very good tool until I found this problem.

Problem Description: I can't "keep unread" on new blog posts coming in and I can't uncheck "keep unread" for those I've checked few days ago. When I try to tick the "keep unread" checkbox, it just ignore it.

I really don't know what caused this. I know I'm going to switch to other RSS reader if the problem persists. I really hope Google will address this as soon as possible.

Some possible reasons that I can think of:

  • I "keep unread" too many posts?
  • I subscribed to too many rss?
  • I run on Firefox 1.0.6?

Do you have any idea?

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4 Responses

Mihai Parparita says:

This is a bug with the most recent release of Reader and should be fixed early this week.

Mihai Parparita
Google Reader Engineer

EngLee says:

I would appreciate it if Google will fix it very soon. Else, I really need to switch. I really have trouble organizing my 20+ blog rss with that bug.

ThatMan says:

I use lektora with firefox for my rss feeds. It pretty nifty. I have about 50+ rss feeds that it checks. The onlt problem is that it doesn’t have a schedule to check by.

Oh, yeah, I tagged you.

EngLee says:

Lektora looks cool. But, I read blog in office and home. So, it might not be the right choice for me because I’ll have to syncronise my feeds in different computers. Google Reader is accessible everywhere. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I’ll still try it. 😉

I was tagged? First time to hear about tagging. Please give me some time to prepare it. Btw, how many of facts should I revealed? Is there any specific number for it? I don’t understand tagging rules. 🙂