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Automatically Show Related Posts

November 1st, 2005

As a blogger, I always have to link back to my older related posts when I’m posting on a similar subject. I experience that I really spend quite a long time to actually find all related posts and link to them one by one. Hence, I’ve added a new WordPress plugin, Related Posts. The plugin will automatically search for the most related old post to be listed at your current post.

The installation process is slightly different from other plugins. You must click on the link in the plugin descriptions (in your admin page) after installing the plugin. Then, you should add some codes into your theme (single.php). I added these codes, if you might want to refer.

<p>Related posts:<br>
< ?php related_posts(3, 10, '', '<br>', '', '', false, false); ?>

Sample output is just right below this post.

Have fun.

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Elliot Swan says:

Nice find.