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April 3rd, 2006

This blog was away during the weekend. It's definitely not for any good reason but hard disk failure at the server. All my files on the server have gone! And, to have my database and files recovered, I believe it's going to take lots of money and time. So, I decided to use whatever backup I have and leave other posts gone.

I'm lucky that I upgraded to wordpress 2 not too long ago and the pre-installed database backup plugin was great. My last backup was 2 weeks ago and I recovered a few more posts from Google's cache. However, my other blog which has not been upgraded to wordpress 2 had all the posts lost!

I hope you all will do more backup so that you won't get the same fate.

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4 Responses

She's Jess says:

Welcome back 🙂

Oliver Zheng says:

Ouch that’s a hard slap in the face. I haven’t backed up once. I’ll do that now heh.

EngLee says:

Make sure you do it frequently. Remember to download all the uploaded image files as well.

Keep a local copy of whatever you have at the server.

menj says:

You know, dude, perhaps you should change to a different hosting service. This is not the first time it happened, right? I do backup for all my blogs but so far I have never had the need to restore any of them due to hardware failure on the server side. Also, my host provider make backups of their own so the issue simply does not arise.