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Video Call with Skype 2.0 Beta

December 6th, 2005

I've been using Skype 1.1 for quite some time, to chat with my sister studying abroad. Normally when we want to start our webcams, we'll have to launch other IM such as MSN Messenger to see each other. Just today, two of my friends who has just got themselves new webcams from a recent PC Fair, informed me that Skype 2.0 Beta supports video call. They were actually looking for video conferencing software to fully utilize their brand new webcam.

Thus, I downloaded it and try it out. It does what it supposed to do. However, the down side is that it doesn't support multiple user video conferencing. The webcam function is only available when we are chatting one to one. Or is it possible that there is no software that supports that?

By the way, if you came across any better software for video conferencing, do leave a comment about it, so that I can let my friends know about it.

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4 Responses

bonus says:

I’ve recently discover Skype, everybody was talking to me about it, but I was not convinced to leave Msn messenger. Now that the new Skype 2.0 offers video it has made me decide to give it a try. I found is easy to install and use and the sound quality is clearly better than with msn… Since that day: bye bye Microsoft!

EngLee says:

Note that it might still be buggy since it’s only a beta version. 🙂 (use it at your own risk!)

leecs says:

i have been using skypeout for past few months to chat with parent and relative back in malaysia…good and cheap.
now with this video service even much better…will try out then…

enrii.blog » Skype 2.0 Released (Out of Beta) says:

[…] Remember I talked about Skype 2.0 beta not long ago? The program is already out of beta when I checked the site today. Go download it if you haven’t. […]