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Noise in the Phone? Get Splitter

September 10th, 2007

I setup a new ADSL internet connection for my friend few months ago. Some easy settings in the wireless router got the internet working without any problem. However, after some time, he keeps complaining that his cordless phone in another room gets some noise when he turns on the wireless router.

I am very sure that I have installed splitter on the telephone line that modem is connecting. I think that would be sufficient and a phone from a different wall socket does not need a splitter. Although I know there is an answer for it but I was too lazy to find out, so I convinced him to live with it.

Until very recently, during my window shopping at Low Yat Plaza (local IT hardware hub) I saw a shop selling splitter Aztech DSL phone splitter (PS200) for only RM15 (USD 4). I think I could get one and try to install it on the second wall socket to see if it could fix the noise problem.

After trying it out, the noise is gone. If you encounter something like this, make sure you get a second splitter.

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4 Responses

gbyeow says:

You need a filter. Not a splitter.

EngLee says:

You mean I don’t need a splitter, but need a filter (that could be slightly cheaper) at the second wall socket? Err.. yea, you are probably right. Hehe.

gbyeow says:

The thing is that nowadays they usually sell the splitter + filter combination. I don’t really like them. I have 2 that don’t work. I prefer the old filter standalone… Maybe I’m just getting old.

Kitkat says:

I have it at my house too.