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All Audio and Video Codecs in One Package

April 25th, 2007

I remember I recommended Real Alternative codec last time. I found something more interesting this time. It's a single codec package that includes all audio and video codecs. The XP Codec Pack from Free-Codecs is the most complete codec pack that you will ever need.

The version includes:

  • AC3Filter 1.30b
  • AVI Splitter
  • CDXA Reader
  • CoreAAC (AAC DirectShow Decoder) 1.2.0
  • CoreFlac Decoder 0.4
  • FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2004.10.12
  • GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder
  • Matroska Splitter
  • Media Player Classic rev. 609
  • OggSplitter/CoreVorbis
  • RealMedia Splitter
  • RadLight MPC Filter
  • RadLight APE Filter
  • RadLight OFR Filter
  • RadLight TTA Filter
  • The Codec Detective 2.0
  • VSFilter (DirectVobSub) 2.37


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3 Responses

gbyeow says:

Includes MKV. Interesting. The question then becomes whether or not the player supports MKV.

EngLee says:

I think Media Player Classic would support it, wouldn’t it?

Anurag Bhandari says:

I personally use K-lite Mega Codec pack and that works best for me. 🙂