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Installed Google Browser Sync

June 20th, 2006

I've installed Google Browser Sync, a Firefox extension by Google. I made a few print-screens on what it does, if you are too lazy to install to try it out.

Once you have installed it, you will see this, as soon as you start up your Mozilla Firefox.

Google Browser Sync - Installed

If you click on the settings from the menu, you will see these configuration pages.

Google Browser Sync - Account settings

I'm using it for synchronizing my bookmarks at home and office. So, these are my configurations.

Google Browser Sync - Sync settings

Everytime you fire up your firefox, you will have to see this thing for a few seconds. So, make sure you install it only if you really need it. Optionally, you can turn it off with the "Stop syncing" button in settings.

Google Browser Sync - synchronizing

If the synchronizing process failed, you will see this:

Google Browser Sync - Offline

Install it or not, you decide!

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2 Responses

Simon says:

Heh heh. Another free tester for Google 🙂

John says:

I have just installed this option, but when i try to set it up it tells me that im offline…but i know im not..