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Accessing Gmail When Your Internet Connection Is Slow

July 11th, 2006

.. is really frustrating. I keep getting this message while loading and my gmail still don't load up after hours. The help provided is practically useless!


This seems to be taking longer than usual. Your session may have been interrupted. If your account doesn't appear in the next few seconds, please refresh this page in your browser.

If you continue to have trouble loading your account, please visit the help center for troubleshooting information.

After spending hours looking waiting and refreshing it, I still can't access it. Along the way, I also learned that it is not possible to load HTML version directly. You will be redirected automatically if they think you need it.

So, how am I suppose to check my gmail now?!

I go for Gmail Mobile. Though it's working, it's not nice to see all the unformatted text in browser. And, I found the HTML version link at the bottom!

Looking at the link, it's just as easy as adding a 'h' at the back of the typical gmail link.

Go here: HTML version of Gmail

Finally, I can check my gmail. Hope that helps if you had the problem like mine. By the way, if you have alternative ways (besides setting up Outlook), do suggest.

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4 Responses

Colin says:

I had the same problem with Firefox on my gmail accounts.

But, when I use Internet Explorer I don’t get it??

andrew says:

when i try to access gmail on i.e. and firefox it just says ‘connection interupted’

sander says:

thank you,

this pretty much helped me 🙂

ub, mongolia

Diana says:

You are a genius !!! Thanks for your gmail expertise 🙂