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Trying Safari on Windows

April 7th, 2008

When I read of Apple is offering Safari for Windows (I know I'm outdated), I have a strong feeling to give it a try as soon as possible. However, I must say, I am very disappointed.

After I have installed everything that I needed for my programming work, I haven't install much apps into my system because I don't want any of the programs to slow my PC down. I broke the rule for Safari and I'm very disappointed with it.

I have tried opening it a few times, and this is what I've got!

Safari not responding

The application just hang after I start it up. And, it hang indefinitely.

I suspect it is unable to detect the network properly, or simply because I did not install Bonjour?

Anybody had the same experience?

Update: The program finally working after I reboot the machine. Why, why, why?

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3 Responses

wong says:

I tried before as well… It just DON’T work well with Windows, forget about Safari for Windows

frozensmilz says:

I have tried safari on windows…..they boast the html processing power is higher than opera…but i feel opera is much more better since they came up with the idea of tabbed browsing before firefox and IE. and also its lightweight when compared to firefox in memory consuption. Again safari goes for the looks which i dont feel that striking…since its only a web browser…..the lack of addons…like we can get in firefox makes it not quiet flexible in terms of power browsing. ….By the way…Safari didnt crashed..but worked fine in my Xp system…i used it for quite a long and uninstalled it……….no use !.

EngLee says:

I have uninstalled it. Useless, I agree.