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Now My Blog Got Hacked!

April 18th, 2008

That day, I mentioned about Chitika gets hacked. And yesterday, my blog got hacked.

My colleague notified me about it when he saw these in his Google Reader.

enrii.blog hacked

enrii.blog hacked again

Actually, these are few of the drafts that I planned to write, but due to demanding works, I ignored them for months. They somehow managed to add some links to the end of the drafts, then publish it.

The hacker also managed to changed the upload path to somewhere else, and it actually took a while for me to figure out. I only wonder why my images are being uploaded to a weird directory.

Finally, all seems to be OK now, after I upgraded to WordPress 2.5.

Update: I notice some compatibility issues for my theme after I upgraded to version 2.5. Fixed a few of them. Please let me know via comment, if you found any problem with my blog.

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One Response

Hacker Forums says:

Most all blog hacks are from people not upgrading their blog software.

If you don’t make a ton of changes, just backup your template one time, then create or download a script to email you a database dumb every couple days.