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Apple iPhone (3G) is not coming to Malaysia?

June 12th, 2008

TelecomTV wrote:

Apple named just Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong & Macau, India and the Philippines as Asian markets earmarked for the new device this year. China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan were among notable omissions from the list although the likes of Equatorial Guinea, Nicaragua and Botswana made the cut!

Not much choice left for us. We can only get illegal hacked version from other countries. Not to mentioned about the 3G version, even the older version is not here yet!

How legal or illegal is it, to own a hacked version from Singapore?

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2 Responses

andre says:

the 1st version is meant for US market only. In Singapore, ppl are importing in themselves and hacking.

The 2nd version, Apple is no longer restricting to just one telco, so shouldn’t be a problem if you get one from, say, Singapore and put in malaysia SIM card.

but so far, not sure how iphone will be sold in Singapore yet. most likely to be tied together with some expensive plan.

EngLee says:

I’m not sure how much it is sold there at Singapore. As far as I know, most hacked version in Malaysia came from Singapore and it will cost around RM1700.