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Using Western Union to Withdraw Google AdSense Payment

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Western Union Can see that lots of Malaysians have got their payments through Western Union without much problems. I just switch over to Western Union as well.

I did not expect the procedure is so simple. I could easily get it done in only a few clicks. But I had a too complicated mind.

The simple way

  1. Go to My Accounts tab.
  2. In Account Settings, click on the "edit" link beside Payment details.
  3. Select Setup Western Union Cash.
  4. Click continue.
  5. Enter your payee name in the correct order.
  6. Tick the checkbox at the bottom.
  7. Click Save changes.

The hard way

There is a part that made me nervous:

In order to ensure that your Western Union payment is issued properly, please provide us with the proper ordering of your Current Payee Name, shown above. If needed, you may include your middle name or initial with your first name. The names you enter below must match the contents of your Current Payee Name. If you need to update your payee name, please contact us.

Payee name fields

I was thinking that I need to enter my name correctly. Since I have always receive cheques with my surname at the back, I think I need to make sure I enter it correctly so that it will match exactly like what's in my identity card.

Original payee name: Eng Lee Teh
Surname: Teh
Given name: Eng Lee
Name in identity card: Teh Eng Lee

So, I manually requested Google to change my Payee name.

Changed payee name to: Teh Eng Lee

After a few hours, when I got the notification from Google telling me that my payee name has been changed. I get back to the Setup Western Union Cash page and enter my payee information. I entered "Eng Lee" as my given and "Teh" as my surname and finish the steps.

Then, I went back to Account setting page to reconfirm my payee information, I saw "Eng Lee Teh". I realised how silly I am.

Finally, I had no choice but to get back to the Setup Western Union Cash page and entered "Teh" as my first name and "Eng Lee" as my last name.

I know I'm silly, but when will the world learn that Chinese has their Surname at the front? Can't they just allow us to enter our payee names in a single box?

Google Analytics Not Showing Stats Correctly

Friday, February 1st, 2008

I did not check my Google Analytics statistics for a long time. I find some weird problems when I check it recently. It shows very little pageviews -- less than 5 a day, but I'm getting hundreds of pageviews a day in my Statcounter stats.

When I look in the content section, the whole list is filled with Google search cached pages. I don't see any normal pageloads. All the URLs listed look like something similar to this:


Why Google Analytics is not showing stats correctly? What have I do wrong?

When I last checked months ago, the stats was shown properly. I'll just replace the tracking code with the newer version and check if it's OK tomorrow.

Let me know if you know what would cause that.

Update: The tracking code update did not work at all. As I read through the help page, it suggests that improper filter will cause data not properly loaded. Since there's only one "Main" default filter, I'll just remove it from the filter settings. Is there a default filter? Or is it something I added long time ago? Anyhow, I shall see if removing it will work.

Update: Removing the filter works! If you encounter something like I did, consider checking your filters.

Gmail Inbox Full? Purchase Storage!

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

I remember I wrote about my Gmail inbox was full last time. It is indeed full all the while. Just today, I see a big message on top of my Gmail inbox as soon as I logged on.

You are almost out of space for your Gmail account.
You can view our tips on reducing your email storage or purchase additional storage.

I would say the tip is generally useless as it's only teaching how to empty your trash. But, purchasing additional storage may be helpful if money is not a problem for you. The deal was quite good.

  • 6 GB ($20.00 per year)
  • 25 GB ($75.00 per year)
  • 100 GB ($250.00 per year)
  • 250 GB ($500.00 per year)

What do you think?

My Gmail Inbox is Full

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

You are currently using 2814 MB (98%) of your 2845 MB.

Will Google give me an exception? I really need more space. If you are not aware, Google disallows you to send emails when your Gmail space is almost full. I always need to delete messages before sending messages.

I hate it when I have finished a long urgent message and Google is giving me a "Your message could not be sent because you have exceeded your mail quota" message.

If Google really can't provide extra space, I really think they should provide the functionality for us to sort our message by attachment size. That's what I do when my Microsoft Outlook inbox is getting full.

Anyhow, Digital Inspiration has put up a very good article on this issue. These few tips had helped me a lot:

  • Search "has:attachment from:me" - With this, I can easily identify messages with attachments that I have forwarded to my friends. These messages are certainly duplicate information that shouldn't be kept.
  • Search "filename:jpg" - This returns a list of all emails with JPG attachments. You can use it for other file types.
  • Search "before:2006/01/01" - Combine this search with the previous 2 will help to identify older messages.

It takes slightly longer to fill up my Gmail now.

Accessing Gmail When Your Internet Connection Is Slow

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

.. is really frustrating. I keep getting this message while loading and my gmail still don't load up after hours. The help provided is practically useless!


This seems to be taking longer than usual. Your session may have been interrupted. If your account doesn't appear in the next few seconds, please refresh this page in your browser.

If you continue to have trouble loading your account, please visit the help center for troubleshooting information.

After spending hours looking waiting and refreshing it, I still can't access it. Along the way, I also learned that it is not possible to load HTML version directly. You will be redirected automatically if they think you need it.

So, how am I suppose to check my gmail now?!

I go for Gmail Mobile. Though it's working, it's not nice to see all the unformatted text in browser. And, I found the HTML version link at the bottom!

Looking at the link, it's just as easy as adding a 'h' at the back of the typical gmail link.

Go here: HTML version of Gmail

Finally, I can check my gmail. Hope that helps if you had the problem like mine. By the way, if you have alternative ways (besides setting up Outlook), do suggest.