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Google AdSense Terms Update

May 13th, 2008

I received a email notification from Google AdSense, telling me that there are some changes to the terms and I should log in to accept the changes.

As you may know, we recently updated our AdSense Terms and
Conditions to reflect upcoming product changes and ensure that
they're consistent with policies across Google.

We noticed that you haven't yet accepted the new Terms and
Conditions. To review them and indicate your acceptance, please
log in at http://www.google.com/adsense and follow the
. Please be aware that all publishers must accept the
new Terms and Conditions in order to continue their participation
in the AdSense program.

You can find more information about some of the changes in the new
program terms by reviewing
. Unfortunately, we're not able to further interpret the meaning
of the Terms and Conditions for you. If you have additional
questions, you may wish to contact an attorney.

We appreciate your understanding.

I was asked to follow the instructions after I log in but I don't get any instruction at all. Is anyone experiencing the same thing?

P.S. I'm glad I my blog is finally up again. It has been down for almost a week!

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One Response

Anurag Bhandari says:

I got the same email just a few hours ago. Didn’t bother to follow that link in the email as I am currently not using AdSense, but I’ll do that soon.