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Google AdSense Apology Email

May 14th, 2008

Google's email asking me to accept new terms is a mistake. I receive this email today:

We sent you a message earlier this week reminding you to accept
our updated AdSense Terms and Conditions. However, the message was
sent in error, as our records show that you have already accepted
the new Terms and Conditions.

We sincerely apologize for the miscommunication and any confusion
caused. Please be assured that no further action is required on
your part, and you may continue to access to your account as

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3 Responses

Jeffery says:

Big companies are so polite lol. I wonder what they’ll tell you if you do not accept their apology.

EngLee says:

There isn’t any accept or reject buttons at the bottom of the email.

I think that implies that you must accept their apology when you receive that email.

Bengbeng says:

sometimes their response can b a bit slow but they responded quite politely to me too 🙂