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Logo Design Contest: What’s Your Factor?

December 21st, 2005

If you think you are good in design, spend a few minutes to turn any the following words into a logo and submit it to What's Your Factor? You might just walk away with one of the prizes (though they are not too attractive).

Choose only ONE of these:

  • HotFactor
  • ColdFactor
  • PanicFactor
  • In-LawFactor

Do let me know if any of you are going for it. Good Luck.

(via Elliot Swan)

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3 Responses

James Mitchell says:

EngLee – Thanks for the contest plug. I am curious as to what is not attractive about the prizes, and what suggestions you might have?

EngLee says:

Thanks for dropping by. It’s really a surprise to have somebody from the contest to visit my blog!

As for the prize, a t-shirt with the winner’s design is definitely a good idea. However, I see that the cash prizes are not quite attractive. The amount is quite low especially for the third prize winner with only USD5. It might be better to turn the value of those memberships or domains to cash prize.

I’m wondering if what I say will make any difference? ;)

James Mitchell says:

I appreciate the feedback and I didn’t mean to suprise you, but as the owner and founder of the contest I feel it only right to follow the traffic in and respond with thanks whenever possible.

As for the prize suggestions. The second and third place prizes are low as those will not make it on any products immediately only the winners will be in the debut of products. As far as the memberships those were donated to the contest and I can’t likely get rid of those. However, I am about to make the 1st Place prize a bit sweeter with some profit sharing for their design for a 6 month period.

Feel free to email me with any other suggestions you might have. contest (at) whatsyourfactor (dot) com.