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Comment Subscription

November 20th, 2005

I've just added a new plugin to my inventory, "Subscribe to Comments 2.0" simply because I find it useful when I saw it at Elliot Swan's blog. It helped me to follow up the discussions there. So, I think it might be able to help my readers as well. I have it unchecked by default. Hope that it's correct for me to do so, rather than to have somebody accidentally subscribed to it.

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2 Responses

Elliot Swan says:

Cool stuff. :)

I need to fix mine so it’s not below the submit button, since i have it checked by default. Or i could have it unchecked by default like you did..

EngLee says:

From the readme, it states that we are not allowed to move the checkbox into the comment form. So, we might not be able to have it on top of comment box. Leaving it unchecked by default might be the only option, I guess. Or we’ll have to hack the code.