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Revived An Old Hard Disk

November 20th, 2005

If you remember, I'd just recovered some data from a corrupted hard disk last week. After that, I plug my corrupted 40GB Western Digital back to the Pentium III, it just failed. I couldn't hear any sound from it when I start up. The motherboard couldn't detect it. I think I might have to get a new hard disk to replace it.

Suddenly I realised that I still have a very old hard disk, the mighty 2.1GB Quantum Bigfoot. The junk has already been covered with a thick layer of dust when I found it. Using Windows XP Professional CD, I formatted it and installed it. It works! But, the operating alone has fully occupied the disk! Anyhow, I'll let it run that way for the moment. I really couldn't believe that the old 2.1GB Quantum Bigfoot is still working!

UPDATE: Due to lack of space, I had removed the page file to add 700MB of disk space. Before I did that, I can't even install MSN Messenger! Hopefully my 512MB of SDRAM is sufficient for all the operations of the machine.

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5 Responses

Leo Kent says:

Good luck with it, I wouldn’t put any precious data on it though…

EngLee says:

Thanks for reminding, pal. Of course I wouldn’t. I’ll have my sister backup all her data in my computer, till I get another hard disk for her! 😉

Felix Leong says:

Sounds like a good, small HDD for Linux :LOL:

EngLee says:

Even Linux needs reliable hard disks. 🙂 In addition, I don’t think 2.1GB is sufficient for a full RedHat installation, isn’t it?

That’s really a very old hard disk that has been abandoned for a long time. I might put it up for auction in the category of collectibles after I get a new one. LOL

conscious says:

Ha ha sounds like me. I’m working on reclaiming stuff from two different harddrives now. I found a hard drive that’s like nearly 10 years old and put XP on it. I have less then 200MB on it! After I format this external I borrowed I’m gonna do the dump and possibly reformat both of those drive.