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Adsense Optimization Tips

October 11th, 2005

As everybody knows, Adsense performs badly in forums. Until recently, Google noticed about it and made a post on how to optimize Adsense to do better in forums. They've made some research and provided a heat map as a guide for forum webmasters.

The followings are some highlights of the tips stated:

  • Format is important for multiple ad units
  • Display your ad units where repeat users will notice them
  • Place a leaderboard immediately after the last post
  • Use horizontal link units
  • Opt-in to image ads
  • Be sensitive to your forum community

Besides optimization tips for forum, I do notice some other optimization tips by Google. Do take a look if you have not:

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2 Responses

serverph says:

thumbs up! :) very useful. will try to implement these adsense optimization tips for my forum.

EngLee says:

Good Luck!