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The All Blue Theme is Up and Running

March 9th, 2006

I have just installed my newly designed theme, The All Blue Theme. Since this is my first attempt on WordPress theme, please let me know if you find any bugs around. Also, I'll be glad if web designers would give some opinions on the colors or for better usability.

Hope you all enjoy the new theme like I do.

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15 Responses

menj says:

Hey, I like it! Are you going to release it to the public? I hope you do, I will definitely use it on one of my sites 😀


Felix Leong says:

Looks spiffy :D. Great work you have there 😉

EngLee says:

Thanks, guys.

Release it to the public? You must be kidding. The code is really messy right now. Maybe after I’ve clean everything up. 🙂

gbyeow says:

Nice 😉
But once release to public, you won’t be the unique one. Haha.

Elliot Swan says:

I really like it…

Anurag Bhandari says:

This is really a nice and decent theme (blue is my favorite 🙂 ). I must say “it is too good”.
Nice work. Keep it up. 😉

EngLee says:

Thanks all.


Though it feels good to be unique, but if there’s people who really appreciate my work, I’ll be even happier to share it! 🙂

dragoncity says:

nice nice.. but would be better if got a bit of graphical stuff.. ^_^

doraemon says:

nice.. i like blue.. ya. i agree with dragoncity. put some graphic, then it will be better.

EngLee says:

At the moment, I’ve no idea what kind of graphic I should add. Maybe in the future?! 🙂

gbyeow says:

The dark blue mouseover for the main title and the post titles seems a little harsh in comparison to the soft blue hues of the theme. I don’t know. Perhaps use the same concept that you use for the other link mouseovers. Retain the same colour and put a dotted underline underneath.

EngLee says:

Thanks. Good suggestion. I’ll consider about it. 🙂

EngLee says:

Hey, gbyeow. I’ve made some changes. Hope it won’t look harsh anymore. 😉

To others, feel free to comment! Since you are the reader, I’ll be glad to make my blog more comfortable to you.

frank says:

Man, I really like this theme.
Is there any chance to get it as a code or a zip file. I’ve been looking for a good theme and I think this one really suits my blog.
Thanks in advance :).

EngLee says:

Hey, Frank! I have your email. When it’s ready to be shared, I’ll drop you a mail.