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Channels for Chitika eMiniMalls

November 9th, 2005

You can now create channel for your Chitika eMiniMalls. Channelling is always a very important tool to track earnings for each of your sites. Even if you own only one site, you will need it to track which advertisement produces most of the earnings. From there, you can attempt to reposition your ads for better revenue.

Just today when I logged on to Chitika, I saw a filter for channels. Without knowing how to create the channel, I checked the Chitika Blog for updates. No update yet. I try FAQ. It states:

Can I get SID level/channel stats breakdown?

Yes. By adding

ch_sid = 'XXXX';

to the code you will be able to track performance by channel.

Replace XXXX with a meaningful channel name of your choice. You get to define your own meaningful channel names. Reporting by SID will be available shortly.

The nice thing here is that you can use anything as your SID. However, this also means that everyone has to add the code manually. At this moment, I still can’t find any automated code generation for SID in eMiniMalls code page.

Do add it to your existing Chitika eMiniMalls code if you have not.

If you might not notice, I’ve just added eMiniMall to my blog (right below comments), after so many posts on Chitika.

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