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Earn More from Chitika

October 18th, 2005

Today, when I logged in to Chitika to check my stats (which is still clickless since I registered), I noticed that they are offering a new program, Referral Commission Programme. With this programme, existing Chitika users will be able to earn more income from Chitika through referring it to friends. You gain 10% income of each of your referral's profit.

However, do note that the extra earning through referral is only available for the first 12 months only.

I've added my referral link to the sidebar. If you haven't joined the program, it doesn't hurt to give Chitika a try. If you would like to know more about the referral programme, do check it out at Chitika's FAQ on this topic.24 loan decision hour bedfordshireloans montana 580 homeloan 13,000 5.9 fixeda amortization loan ofmortgage loans 80-20car table for amortization loanloans 2006 africaagency guidelines loanamish loansltv money loans 75 hard

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