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The Site That Earned A Million Dollars

January 3rd, 2006

This 21-year-old guy is selling each pixel of his page for 1 dollar, and there are 1 million pixels in the page. Can see that idea can easily be turned into gold. But, how to find the idea?

(via Philipp Lenssen)

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6 Responses

hcfoo says:

When I post a similar topic in november, he’s already sold about 1/2 a million. Guess he’s a millionaire soon.


alexallied says:

that’s when creativity strikes :)

WTJ says:

there’s lots of copy cat after that

Felix Leong says:

Effort and experimentation, and, of course, a lot of passion in what-so-ever you do.

You’d never know when the next million-dollar idea will strike :) .

ChrisKalani says:

yeah I saw this a while ago, what a great ground breaking idea. There are already a lot of copy cats out there, we should look down on them.

MrPixel says:

Why should you look down on copy cats? How many newspapers are there? Cable TV channels? Bloggers?

Innovation is the foundation of many successful businesses – let the copy cats live or die based on their merits and advertising abilities.