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Maxis Will Bring Apple iPhone 3G to Malaysia?

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Contrary to what I found earlier, The Malaysian Insider reported that:

Its understood that Maxis will offer the iPhone 3G in Malaysia at a competitive price below RM1,000.

It's a nice offer, since I have been using Maxis for years. Changing the plan will get me the new Apple iPhone 3G. However, The Edge Daily got a different response from Maxis:

When asked by The Edge Financial Daily in April if the telco planned to bring the iPhone here, Maxis chief executive officer Sandip Das had said Maxis had no plan at that time to bring in the phone as Apple had not decided on its Asian distribution policy.

Anyhow, Bernice certainly has a good point saying that it's not a good idea to get first generation products from Apple, especially the company is new in mobile phone business. On top of that, 3G services are still very expensive in Malaysia.

But, it is really very tempting. I'm not sure I could wait any longer once it reaches Malaysia.

Did Twitter Spam Your Mobile Phone?

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Yesterday I received an sms from Unidentified Sender, with the following content:

Keep your friends up to date on what you are doing with Twitter, the micro-blogging site, now on your mobile! Normal data rates apply.


The message certainly looks like it really came from twitter.

I have been using twitter for a while, still trying on it. I find that the service is not reliable enough, sometimes slow, sometimes down.

Are they spamming text messages to all mobile numbers in the world? I don't receive much sms like this from US. Is everybody receiving it?

If any of you are using twitter, please let me know.

Ringo is Ending Its Service Soon

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

It's nice to receive a notification telling us that a service is ending, though it's not nice to know that a service is ending. Somehow, it is better than you find that the page is missing after a few months.

I remember when some of my friends started a Malaysian map service. They sent me an notification, asking me to join. However, after a few months, when I tried to look at the service, the domain name is no longer available. At this point, you really don't know what actually happened to the service and how they are going to use your information.

Just imagine, one day when you open your Gmail account, the website is missing. The service is gone, just like that. Your emails are gone, just like that.

Recently, I received more than one notifications from Ringo, a friend-networking website last time (I don't know when it switched to be a photo and video sharing site), which I suppose to be taken down due to the rise of MySpace or probably Facebook. Or for its new business, Flickr or Youtube. Or probably it's taken down simply because it is not 2.0 enough.

Anyway, it's certainly a good thing to do, to inform your users that you will stop your service and more importantly, ask your users to backup whatever information they have with you. What Ringo did was good, they provide alternative way to get their pictures and videos, which is allowing their users to get their data through CD.

If you have an account there, download your data before June 30!

Apple iPhone (3G) is not coming to Malaysia?

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

TelecomTV wrote:

Apple named just Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong & Macau, India and the Philippines as Asian markets earmarked for the new device this year. China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan were among notable omissions from the list although the likes of Equatorial Guinea, Nicaragua and Botswana made the cut!

Not much choice left for us. We can only get illegal hacked version from other countries. Not to mentioned about the 3G version, even the older version is not here yet!

How legal or illegal is it, to own a hacked version from Singapore?

Apple iPhone 3G is Out!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I have been eyeing for an iPhone quite some time. It's not coming to Malaysia yet. I have asked some dealers in Low Yat, who brought iPhones from other countries. It costs around RM1700 for 8GB version. Some are selling it for RM1850!

Now, the new iPhone 3G will be out on July 11, with HALF THE PRICE. It costs only USD199 for the 8GB version and USD299 for 16GB version. I wonder how much it would cost to get one now. Hopefully Apple will bring it to Malaysia soon.

The best part of the iPhone 3G is of course the 3G functionality, and it comes with GPS as well. It could replace my Dopod D810 any time!

Note: I hope to upload some pictures but I'm not able to upload any using the WordPress' flash image uploader when I'm in the office, although it works fine from home. Probably it doesn't work well through a lousy proxy server.