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Notice to Upgrade WordPress

July 26th, 2010

Today, I received an email, a very weird email, titled with a single word "blog", from a very weird person, with the following message in the email:

please update your wordpress installation. it's not secure.

Whoever that is, thanks for reminding. Wanted to do it long time ago, but too busy. Although you sounded like a hacker who would hack my blog if I don't upgrade, but anyway, thanks again.

Upgraded to version 3.0 now, but didn't notice much changes in the user interface from back-end. Shall spend some time to explore soon.

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6 Responses

Felix Leong says:

Have to say that the person is very kind :), having your blog being hijacked is never fun.

At a minimum it’d be safe to at least use one of those free WP security inspection websites to scan your site and have some core WP security plugins installed.

Keeping a habit of updating to the latest release + routine backup also helps.

feleki says:

what was your previous wordpress version?

Felix Leong says:

Umm… 2.9? I always keep it up to date 🙂

feleki says:

i was talking to the admin.

Eng Lee says:

It was running on 2.7. Do you blog, feleki?

Rara says:

I will update my wordpress blogs. Thank you