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3bubbles Beta

February 13th, 2006

3bubbles (Beta) will be offering a service for you to add chat function to each of your blog posts. This means that your readers will be able to chat with other readers by clicking only on a link at your post.

It is said that they are going to add some ads to the chat window, which the revenue is to be shared with the blogger. Or, the blogger may opt to pay a fee for the service.

Will you add the 3 bubbles to your blog?

(via TechCrunch)

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7 Responses

Andreas Dittes says:

well… in fact i already added it to my blog. i modified the code a little so that the users can talk without the popup.
i just talked to the founder and a coder of 3bubbles in my 3bubbles-chatroom and they told me about some features they will add…

so all in all its an interesting new company – lets see how others think about it…

Elliot Swan says:

Sounds a lot like newsvine.

I probably won’t be adding it anytime soon…You need lots of visitors viewing the same thing at the same time for that to happen. Even most of newsvine’s chatrooms are often empty. As far as I’m concerned they can just leave comments the old fashoned way…That way they stay there for everybody to see.

EngLee says:


You are so lucky to be one of them who has the chance to try it out.

I see that only first 2 of your posts have the chat function. I see only blank white boxes for other posts. Why is that so?

Elliot Swan,

I suppose the chat messages will also stay there forever, just like the current comment function. But, like you said, I don’t think I’ll so many concurrent users at a time. However, I still might give it a try if I’m accepted for beta. ;)

gbyeow says:

Sure got concurrent users one. Just let us know and we come beta test the beta test with you. Haha.

EngLee says:

Sure, gbyeow. :)

Suddenly another thing came to my mind. How will 3bubbles handle comment chat spams?

Elliot Swan says:

hmm…I have no idea…I doubt it will.

Andreas Dittes says:

@englee: white boxes?

as said ive modded the code. i do not use a chat for every post but one for the whole blog. and the iframe is only added on the main page and on the 3bubbles post. all the other pages have that chatlink in the navigation-bar. and thats it…

i dont think all of my visitors wanna chat, so its just for the main page…