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Zoho Writer: Ajax Word Processor

January 12th, 2006

I was thinking that there might be a day when companies will not have to install any program in their PC, they will only have to rely on their browser (or something more powerful that does similar job) to work on Ajax applications, rather than those old desktop applications. Being in the middle of the transition process, check out this Zoho Writer, a free ajax word processor which is still on its way to replace your existing Microsoft Word. Yes, you can upload your doc files!

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4 Responses

ebernie says:

This solution will most probably, NOT, work for everyone. I mean, there’s a need to consider the sensitivity of uploaded documents. I’m not so sure everything is secure…

But you’re right in the sense that web based applications are starting to look feasible, with broadband of course. Check out the recent apps from Google, Yahoo and what not.

EngLee says:

Regarding the security issue, what I can think of is that a company could install some required ajax applications in a local server which will then be used throughout the organization. That could easily save big bucks for the company. :)

Gulengz says:

yeah. It’s more like a central hosted program within an intranet working enviroment. Besides the low cost implementatin, it also has the ability to have the work saved in a more secure enviroment, virus free, and less worries on the workstation end.

Elliot Swan says:

Interesting…Though I think at the place we’re at right now, most of the internet/AJAX is too slow to use all the time instead of local programs.

Soon though, soon.