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Setup CVSNT for Personal Use

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

After developed a small system, I find it hard to keep track all versions of my source files, especially when there are bug fixes and enhancement requests. I have to create a whole new folder to keep track all changes in the past to allow me rollback to a specific version that I need. I'm sure there are version control system that could help me. In my day work, my company is using SCCS/CSSC but it requires Linux environment.

I asked my friends who do programming in Windows environment for suggestions. Most of them confirmed that CVSNT is the thing I need.

There are lots of good and detail guide out there to setup CVSNT, but I there is none that is simple and straight forward, or it's probably too complicated for my simple mind. Let me try to put up a simple guide, with my own experience.