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Adjusted My WordPress Theme for Advertisements

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Just spent a little time to adjust my All Blue theme to accommodate a few advertisements. My original design failed to fit in all the standard ads units provided by Google AdSense. Widened posts section to fit in banners.

For good or for bad? If you have any concern regarding my ads placements, voice it here!

AdSense Notifier Plugin for Firefox

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Since I began blogging again, I'm seeing a little AdSense revenue - few bucks a day. That develops my Google AdSense Stats Syndrome (G.A.S.S.) again! Had to reinstall the AdSense Notifier to save my time from logging into AdSense again and again.

It's not a new thing on the web, but if you have not heard of it before, get it here: Adsense Notifier.

AdSense Notifier

AdSense Referrals beta

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Notice this tip from Google when I was checking my AdSense revenue. Make sure you check out this new program from Google. Basically, with this program, you'll be paid when your visitors click through to an advertiser's site and complete an action defined by your advertisers, such as a sale or sign up. Of course, the pay per action will be much higher than a click in pay-per-click AdSense.

It's still not open for everyone yet, but you can try to sign up, to be considered by Google.

AdSense Referrals beta

Adsense’s Click-to-play Video Ads

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Anyone notice the new click-to-play video advertisements from Google Adsense? I have not seen any yet. But I read it in "What's New - June 2006".

If you would like to enable video ads to be displayed on your website, do these:

  1. Add in ads with any of these formats: Medium Rectangle (300 X 250), Large Rectangle (336 X 280), and Square (250 X 250)
  2. Choose "Image ads only" or "Text and image ads" for that specific ad

Although you have it configured correctly, you probably won't be seeing them straight away. On this issue, Google (Help Center) has this to say:

Note that as there is currently limited video ad inventory, you may not notice any ads on your site for some time. As our inventory grows, you may begin to see video ads appear on your pages. In the meantime, we recommend opting in to both text and image ads for your ads units to ensure you're getting the ads that represent the maximum revenue potential for you.

Let me know how cool is it, if you have seen any. Google has them in their ads format page (scroll down).

Clicking on play button will show "buffering".

Adsense Video Ads Buffering

After buffering, the video will play.

Adsense Video Ads Playing

AdSense Referral: New Size and Colour

Monday, December 19th, 2005

AdSense added one new size (180x60), which is available in Firefox referral long time ago, to AdSense referral. They also added green and blue colour to some of the sizes. Here's a sample: