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Microsoft Office Reactivation after Hardware Failure

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

I write PHP systems for companies. To keep the disaster recovery process easy, I always suggest to buy multiple computers with the exact same configuration. So, when the internal server that runs the PHP program failed, they can recover it by unplug the hard disk and plug in to another PC. Within minutes, the system is up and running again!

With few of my clients running on this same configurations, the actual disaster only happen few days ago. The lightning strike hit the server computer and it failed. Totally dead. Replacing the power supply didn't help.

So, I had to do disaster recover by moving the hard disk to another computer. I didn't realise that Microsoft Office 2007 actually detects what hardware it is running on.

This morning, the Microsoft Office didn't work. It says something like:

The Microsoft office systems detected hardware changes on your computer.

The PHP script that called Microsoft Excel COM failed. It requires reactivation. Reactivation is easy, can be done with just 2 clicks of mouse. But would Microsoft disable the license and ask me to buy another new copy?

A sane mind will agree that evil Microsoft will force me to do so. The office has spent more than RM10,000 on Microsoft licenses. They will definitely find more ways to squeeze more money from us!

Unbelievably, the reactivation was successful.

Although it good for now, I'm not sure whether I will get another message like "You are running a pirated version of Microsoft Office, please get a genuine version" tomorrow.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.8.1

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I've just upgraded this blog to version 2.8.1. Planning to do so since months ago. Finally I was forced to do so because I was not able to upload any media to this blog. Not sure whether this blog got hacked again or it's a problem with the old version.


I was expecting to see more in the admin page but I only see layout changes. I remember the surprise when I last upgraded. Anyway, WordPress is already doing a very good job. I really appreciate it.

If you see any disorders when you are at my blog (or RSS readers), do drop me a comment.

How About A Tweet about Twitter Overloaded?

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I enjoy twitter recently. I tweet almost everyday, simply to tell the world I'm currently stuck in the toilet or to share a nice quote. The urge of tweeting doesn't come all the time. But when you feels like tweeting, you get something like this:

Image of Twitter with it is overloaded

When they don't do that they ask you to log in again and again. The "remember me" check box never work properly.