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Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2005

Merry Christmas to all my blogging pals on the net! Hope you have a wonderful and memorable Christmas!

I got myself a new phone, the Sony Ericsson Z520i for this Christmas. How about you?

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7 Responses

Leo Kent says:

Happy Christmas to you also! Looks like quite a nice phone, I have got myself a Sony Vaio FS315 to replace my dying computer!

kcyap says:

I got myself a digital camera from my own GF. So happy about it!

Edited: Corrected a typo.

Oliver Z. says:

Merry Christmas!

As long as it’s not the RAZR phone, it’s awesome!

Felix Leong says:

Having myself RM500 in debt? (note: cash outflow – taken from personal bank balance :p)

EngLee says:

Leo Kent,

Enjoy your new Vaio. I always believe Sony will do great products.


Remember to post some pictures taken with your digicam!


Is Motorola really that bad? You had bad experience with it?


What made you broke? Bought a new car for yourself?

Felix Leong says:

LOL, I would rather be broke buying an apartment instead :p.

Note to self: CNY preparation is COSTLY (and don’t buy too much toys[i.e. Streamyx, books, CDs] for myself at one shot)

8dee says:

hehe…wow..looks like most of you guys have great presents…….

I only have a foot pillow that is pretty nice. hehe